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About Me

Hi, I'm Susan, your card designer


An employer once asked for the one word to describe me:  “enthusiastic” was the reply—And come to think of it, that was the word used under my

high school yearbook picture as well.

My Story
Basket of Flowers

designs by ses has the most unique and creative cards around! They are beautifully hand crafted and truly one of a kind. There is a card for every season, holiday, and life celebration which makes these cards perfect for every occasion.

- - Shana H

Working with Susan on my custom cards was a wonderful experience.  Reaching out to her she clearly understood what I desired and created a selection of 8 different designs.  My clients LOVE them.  I love visiting my clients and seeing my cards pinned to their wall or boards. They are memorable!  Thank you Susan for making me unforgettable. 

- - Lauran S

These cards are beautiful and so unique! The quality far surpasses anything you will find in the grocery or drug store. They are the perfect way to express your thoughts to those you care about.

- - Marianna W

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